Caledonian Horticulture Products Compared

Caledonian Horticulture Products Compared

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Caledonian Green Goodness

Caledonian Green Goodness is a peat free soil improver, that will add nutrients and organic matter to your soil. Ideal for planting bulbs, shrubs, and vegetables, as a mulch, and for enhanced water retention.

This high quality peat-free soil improver is made entirely from composted green and woody material collected from gardens and parks throughout the Lothians and Scottish Borders. Caledonian Horticulture shred and compost this material in large windrows which are aerated and monitored in order to achieve the temperatures required to kill weeds and pathogens. Green Goodness Soil Improver is BSI PAS 100 certified.

Kelpie Compost

Caledonian Kelpie Compost contains a unique blend of seaweeds containing over 80 minerals, trace elements, vitamins and natural plant hormones. Ideal for adding nutrients, and boosting plant survival and growth.

This unique high performing soil improver is produced using a variety of seaweeds found in the cold, clean, nutrient rich waters of the North Sea. The seaweed is harvested locally from beaches on the South East Coast of Scotland and, as such is an entirely renewable resource. It contains over 80 minerals, essential trace elements, vitamins and natural plant hormones including Cytokinins, which stimulate plant growth. Kelpie Compost is BSI PAS 100 certified.

Caledonian Topsoil

Caledonian Enhanced Topsoil is a blend of 30% Green Goodness and 70% topsoil, making it a multi-purpose product for planting and landscaping. Ideal for creating raised beds, growing plants, vegetables, and flowers.

This fertile and rich topsoil is multipurpose grade tested to BS 3882 standards. It’s sandy loam texture makes it easy to handle and work with, even in wet conditions. There is no need to mix this quality topsoil with any type of soil improver saving you time, money and effort.

Caledonian Top Dressing

Caledonian Top Dressing is a multi-purpose lawn dressing that encourages new grass growth, and will enhance your lawns appearance. Ideal for improving drainage, suppressing moss, and creating a more even surface.

Caledonian Horticulture’s Top Dressing will enhance the look of your lawn, create a level surface and improve drainage. It can also be used in a turf base application prior to laying turf. This premium lawn improver is made from a blend of 70% fine sand and 30% peat-free 6mm compost.

Caledonian Decorative Bark

Caledonian Decorative Bark is produced to a high specification to give an even and decorative appearance. Ideal as a long lasting, organic method for weed suppression, laying paths and for border and flower bed protection.

This natural bark is a long lasting organic method for weed suppression made from an entirely renewable source. Caledonian Horticulture’s bark provides a safe and decorative surface for paths and gives borders and beds protection, growing healthy colourful plants.